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Six smiling ladies
Three smiling teachers
Welcome to Special Education at Jordan Hill!  We have two classes for severely handicapped students, two special needs preschool classes, as well as two Special Education teachers.  Our school also provides services for hearing impaired students and those needing speech services.
Severely Handicapped Classes: 
Aprille Oxenford, teacher, and Regina Traylor and Helena Taylor, paraprofessionals
Cathy Williams, teacher, and Wanda Smith and Niesha Middlebrooks, paraprofessionals
Hailey Ogle- Special Education Teacher
Latasha Bryant-Pearson - Special Education Teacher
Evelyn Chivers - Deaf Hard of Hearing Teacher
Hannah McPherson - Interpreter
Shannon Butler - Speech Therapist
Nicole Ferguson - ESOL Teacher

Are you a student, parent, or community member? Keep in touch with us: